Our suppers are designed to be intimate affairs with 8 to 12 guests per evening. The suppers take place at our home on the outskirts of Haywards Heath, West Sussex just a short cab ride or reasonable walk from the mainline station. As they are held in our home informality is the order of the day.

Each menu has been thoroughly researched and tested to allow you experience a modern approach to historical cooking. Typically we serve a set menu consisting of a complimentary cocktail and canapé, three courses plus coffee and petit fours. We want you to leave sated, inspired and happy. With this in mind we use only the best ingredients sourced as locally as possible. In the spirit of of our ancestral cooks almost everything is made from scratch whether it be stock, pastry or bread. All you need to bring with you is a healthy appetite and your choice of drink for the evening.

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2 MARCH 2018

A Beer Infused Supper

Beer has been a staple of the British dining room and kitchen for centuries. It was the drink of the masses and is frequently used in historical recipes. More recently there has been a renewed interest in craft brewing. It seemed only apt that we create a menu to celebrate this beverage, taking inspiration from across the centuries from medieval beer battered fritters to a dessert based on a 19th century ‘cocktail’.


23 MARCH 2018

A Jane Grigson Supper

Jane Grigson is one of the reasons I fell in love with food history. Her books, such as English Food, helped her readers rediscover some long forgotten recipes as well as plenty of new ones. This supper commemorates what would have been her 90th birthday. The menu oozes comfort including melt in the mouth tartlets, slowly braised beef and a classic retro dessert which is well worth revisiting.


13 APRIL 2018

An 18th Century Spanish Repast

Infused with aromatic ingredients like garlic, saffron and black pepper the recipes writen by the 18th century Spanish friar Juan Altamiras (The New Art of Cookery, 1745are far from frugal. This Iberian inspired menu with Moorish influences will definitely excite the tastebuds with it’s piquant marinades and slow cooked estofados.


27 APRIL 2018

MKR Favourites

This menu includes the most successful dishes we cooked on Channel 4’s My Kitchen Rules last year. From a medieval starter that received the highest score for a course in our region to ‘the dish of day’ according to food critic Jay Rayner, we’ll be giving you the opportunity to sample the dishes that wowed Rachel Allen and Glynn Purnell.


Supper Club Dates 2018

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Don’t forget we also do private parties if you want Repast all to yourself! Email us at repastsc@gmail.com with your requirements.

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